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CASAKHA provides subsea and offshore engineering services for pipeline/flowline, field architecture development, naval engineering, and project management solutions.  We are working together side by side with our client who are looking for dependable and cost-effective answers in all phases of their projects. 


Our engineers draw on the vast array of engineering disciplines, skills, and services infused throughout CASAKHA to provide clients with viable solutions from detailed design to field installation, materials engineering, risers, structural analysis, and more. In addition, CASAKHA is an independent engineering consulting company, which means we’re not owned or tied to any manufacturers, fabricators, or installers. This independence allows us to provide solutions that are both objective and reliable.

Pipeline and Flowline Engineering

​We specialize in producing innovative and results-oriented flowline and pipeline solutions using methods involving intensive design, analysis, and a complete study of the latest developments in pipeline technology.

Our flowline and pipeline engineering expertise stems from an unparalleled background in product development, industry recognized analysis, and unrivaled leadership in testing. By utilizing our extensive pipeline engineering expertise, resources, and technological capabilities we are able provide clients around the world, effective and efficient solutions.

Our pipeline and flowline engineering capabilities include:

  • FEED for pipeline and flowline design,

  • DED for Pipeline and flowline design,

  • Free span VIV and fatigue analysis,

  • Pipeline walking/buckling analysis.

Subsea Installation Engineering

​Using our extensive field development expertise we are able to provide clients with viable solutions that will significantly enhance and complement the specifics of their projects. Additionally, we have the distinct ability to roll the various aspects of a subsea development into an integrated conceptual approach that is safe, efficient and economical.

Our architectural design and analysis capabilities include:

  • Rigid pipelay analysis from beach to deepwater (S-Lay, J-Lay, Reel lay),

  • Flexible lay, umbilical, subsea cable lay analysis,

  • SPS installation analysis (PLEM/PLET/ILT/SSIV, Manifold, SDU, UTA, Pile),

  • Riser (SCR/SLWR) hook-up/installation analysis,

  • Jumper installation analysis (rigid/flexible),

  • Davit lifting, above water tie-in, riser stalk-on analysis,

  • Mooring hook-up/installation analysis for FPSO, FPU, TLP.

Structural and Naval Engineering

Our expertise are able to provide a robust solutions for designing subsea structures as well as floating structures. 

​Our structural and naval engineering capabilities include:

  • Stability analysis for floating offshore units,

  • Mooring analysis for floating offshore units,

  • Transportation analysis,

  • Offshore modules lifting analysis (Engineered lift), 

  • Subsea structure (PLEM, PLET, ILT) design,

  • Suction Pile design,

  • Offshore fish farm design and installation,

  • FPSO Topside Module design analysis.

Project Management

Our approach to project management begins with forming partnerships with our clients and taking ownership of the projects we’re involved in. We utilize proven tools and procedures and provide available facilities for project teams. We’re experienced in managing tasks, resources, costs and schedules and companies.

We provide project managers that identify and set the level of the project quality management activities suitable to the project size and complexity. Our services also includes activities and resources related to planning and execution of the project work, identifying and scheduling of the main activities to be performed together with a close follow-up on cost, time, document control and resources including all deliverables.

Specific project management goals include:

  • Ensuring on-time project delivery,

  • Completing project within budget constraints,

  • Keeping clients aware of progress.

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