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Provides Borderless Engineering Services

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CASAKHA is niche company that provides subsea and offshore engineering services. We specialize in innovative problem solving fast track engineering and ad hoc offshore and engineering services, design, or verification according to recognized oil and gas industry codes and standards.  

Our Services

CASAKHA provides subsea and offshore engineering services for pipeline/flowline, field architecture development, naval engineering, and project management solutions.  We are working together side by side with our client who are looking for dependable and cost-effective answers in all phases of their projects. 


Our engineers draw on the vast array of engineering disciplines, skills, and services infused throughout CASAKHA to provide clients with viable solutions from detailed design to field installation, materials engineering, risers, structural analysis, and more. In addition, CASAKHA is an independent engineering consulting company, which means we’re not owned or tied to any manufacturers, fabricators, or installers. This independence allows us to provide solutions that are both objective and reliable.

Our News

Jakarta, February 2024 – CASAKHA today confirmed the award of a major contract by PT Hafar Daya Konstruksi (Hafar) for the development of Ardjuna Marine Terminal phase 2 located approximately 50km north of Cirebon, Indonesia, at 43m metres of water depth. The project falls under EPCI Contract for Pipeline Project 2024 (Pipeline Terminal Phase 2, EB-EPRO, LES-KLB) which owned by Pertamina PHE ONWJ.

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